Eagle and the Albatross


Amber Liu

JI-MIN, played by K-POP star AMBER LIU, is a teen orphan who has moved to a small American town of misfits. Her American father recently passed away in service in Korea and her Korean mother died when she was young, so she has come to live with her only living relative, her aunt Debra whom she has never met. The good news is that Debra works at a golf club and the only thing Ji-min loves in the world is playing golf.

She only has one club, a 6 iron, and is always collecting balls and tees.

Dan Lauria

DR. AL WISERMAN, played by DAN LAURIA (Wonder Years), is the local optometrist and also the best golfer in town, holding the record for the most albatrosses (3 under par). A grumpy old widower who could have been a pro, he draws hearts on his golf balls in memory of his late-wife. He prefers to play solo because people annoy him, especially when they don’t pick up their golf tees.

He’s not returning calls from his doctor even though something is ailing him.

Nancy La Scala

DEBRA KURT, played by NANCY LASCALA (Jersey Boys, Heart, Baby!) was unable to have kids and jumps at the chance to take her niece in when her brother dies. She is desperate to be a good mom after having a terrible one herself.

She will inherit the golf club, if her mother doesn’t sell it first, so she sells sex toys on the side as a backup plan.

Jay Huguley

DAN, played by JAY HUGULEY (12 Years a Slave, Lizzie, Heart, Baby!) is the golf club manager and desperately in love with Debra. He tries to do and say the right thing as he does his best to help Debra save the golf club she is bound to inherit.

He always puts his foot in his mouth.

Adrienne Barbeau

PEARL, played by ADRIENNE BARBEAU (Fog, Swamp Thing) is Debra’s mom. She is not happy with the news she has a granddaughter and refuses to let her be a member at the golf club she owns. She hates golf and would rather sell the club and turn it into a strip mall.

She’s still mad that her father played golf more than he played with her.

PJ Marshall

ERIC, played by PJ MARSHALL (Mindhunter, Underground, Heart, Baby!) is Al’s son who became an optometrist like his dad to please him. Trouble is, his father just wants his son to play golf with him.

He says he does not have the affliction of being a golf lover.

Michael Zegarski

PATRICK, played by MICHAEL ZEGARSKI (The NEW Sopranos Movie (The Many Saints of Newark), Wonder Wheel), is the local undertaker and the teen golf coach with very bizarre coaching techniques. He’s obsessed with people dying and will measure you for your coffin size.

He’s not writing down your phone number, he’s taking notes on how much you weigh!

Michael Badalucco

MERLE, played by MICHAEL BADALUCCO (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Heart, Baby!) is one of the “Golf Buddies,” an inseparable duo who seem to live on the course.

No matter if he’s in good spirits or worried about the fate of the club, he only ever says, “Yeah.”

Ritchie Montgomery

BILLY, played by RITCHIE MONTGOMERY (Blaze, Ozark, Heart, Baby!) is the other half of the “Golf Buddies” duo. Despite the fact that he spends more time hunting for lost balls than actually playing the game, the course is his slice of heaven.

He’ll do whatever it takes to save the golf club, even if it’s a streaking dare!

Marcus Lyle Brown

DR. SWAT, played by MARCUS LYLE BROWN (12 Years a Slave, Heart, Baby!) is Al’s oncologist and golf partner. That’s not following HIPPA rules, but they don’t care. Swat is trying to get Al to stay alive but he refuses treatment.

When Al dies he may as well get his putter.

Chris Wylde

DR. RANDY NEWBODY, played by

CHRIS WYLDE (The DUFF, The Revenant), is the new optometrist in town sent by headquarters to take over after Al dies.

He’s got eyes for the undertaker.

Angela Shelton

TRACY, played by ANGELA SHELTON (Safe Side Superchick), is the lonely lesbian golf champ who wishes she had a partner.  

She’s got her eyes on the new girl.

Breeanna Judy

MISSY, played by BREEANNA JUDY (Christmas with Cookie, How I Met Your Mother), is new to the club bar when her husband, Dr. Newbody, becomes a member.

She offers to pay for a membership to help the club, if she can play with Tracy…

Aly Drummond

TOMCAT, played by ALY DRUMMOND (Dark Harbour, Herself), is the groundskeeper who interacts with no one.

She never speaks. She can only sing. And since golf originated in Scotland, she sings Scottish songs.

If this were another movie, she would be the Greek chorus.

Jay Jay Warren

SPENCER, played by JAY JAY WARREN (Bosch, Day of Reckoning), is the stud of the highschool and only on the golf team so he can play with his balls. He doesn’t even show up for tournaments.  

He’s got his eyes on the new girl, “Jim…”

Bryce Romero

COLE, played by BRYCE ROMERO (Maggie, Heart, Baby!), plays a young teen golfer who loves the game as much as Ji-min does, and pronounces her name correctly while everyone else bastardizes it.

He’s got a little crush on “Jimmy…”

Creators and Crew

Written, directed, and produced by Angela Shelton.

See more from Angela at angelashelton.com

Director of photography Leonidas Jaramillo @fistfulloffilm shares how Dan Lauria was an incredible golfer – who did his own golf swings! ⁣

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